Falcon Pu–…what!?

July 9, 2008 at 8:58 pm Leave a comment

Despite the growing stack of CDs that I’ve been intending to review for the past several weeks, I found myself instead drawn to write about my absolute horror at the release of Nintendo’s most recent offering .  Captain Rainbow seems to have gotten mixed up, taken a wrong turn at topical (or possibly tropical), and decided that in fact, American heros frequently dress up in rainbow colored leotards with magical rainbow powers.

Excuse me, what?

In addition to evidently ripping off the character designs of Captain Falcon and [deformed] Birdo, it takes several elements (including the pipe seen in one scene) from other Nintendo games.  Lest we forget the clear and shameless styles of The Legend of Zelda:Wind Waker and Viewtiful Joe.  All in all, the entire title would seemingly be at best a clever parody. Odds are good though, that it will never see a stateside release.

Apparently, no one has told Nintendo that their kiddy image hasn’t been selling them to the hardcore gaming market.   The “Blue Ocean” strategy has been working so far, but only time will tell if gamers can really overcome the idea of Captain Falcon on the beach in rainbow colored spandex.


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