Welcome to SeizuReview!

SeizuReview is designed to discuss media. Media can be anything from music, movies, and video games to books, web comics, and art.  Of course, this is just a small sampling of the number of different things that could be covered by someone interested in media.

While the goal is to remain current, it’s not always easy with the deluge of material being released into the market on a weekly basis.  Lets face it, while some of the stuff that gets released is destined to be praised (think big summer blockbusters or books like the Harry Potter series), there’s also alot of media that gets released and isn’t widely known.

Part of our goal, is to give our own take not only on whats good that everyone is talking about, but what’s good that not many people have heard of.

Lets not forget that media isn’t always good.  If it’s not as good as the critics are making it out to be, SeizuReview will say so.   The same goes for if it is better.

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