No Fights In Glasgow, But They Have The Same Bus

Walk With Me In Hell

Deep down, everyone wants to be a rock star. It’s a lifestyle that is glorified as being full of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. People play Rock Band because they want to be rock stars. People devote their lives to playing in local bands because they want to be rock stars (a decision that leaves many 35 year-olds living in their parent’s basements). But rarely does any fan have a chance to see the real lifestyle from the band’s point of view. Most music DVD’s tend to be 90% live performance, with maybe 15 minutes of backstage footage, consisting mainly of drunken debauchery. However, as anyone music aficionado would tell you, no camera can ever capture the intensity or true nature of a live show. So, rather then capture something that will top out as mediocre, Lamb of God tries to capture the trials and tribulations that come with the touring process. And one thing becomes very clear; the life of a rock star is not nearly as cool as Rolling Stone makes it out to be.



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“Pretend there’s something more left in your town”

The New EP, The Sound of Love,  by The Morning Light is a mildly amusing collection of six songs.  As an EP, it provides a certain amount of potential for the band, but is unfortunately nothing particularly masterfully done.  The songs provide primarily catchy melodies and hooks to draw the listeners in, but ultimately lack real depth.  This causes a more generic sound than the band sounds like they’re going for.


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“It has been said…”

Lately, there’s been a lot of discussion about graphics and the power consoles and computers have to produce a greater amount of detail.  Most notably, the Playstation 3 is notoriously powerful and has just recently benefited from the release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.  There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that games like MGS4 or the previously released big name, Grand Theft Auto 4, are in fact some of the best looking games on the market, that will not only sell consoles, but will be discussed for years to come.  Yet the question that must be asked, is whether or not anyone will be playing these games come the release of the next console?

In some ways the PC is immune to this phenomenon.  The lines are not as clear cut with computer hardware as they are with console gaming.  There are issues that PC gamers face when dealing with new versions of their favorite games and whether or not their rig can play it.  At some point a piece of software that used to be a benchmark becomes ultimately irrelevant merely because very few people play it any more.

But what about when a game that transcends these lines in both consoles and gaming is released?


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“You’re all going to die…”

George Carlin

So began one George Carlin’s famous routines on a simple theme. Unfortunately, comedian George Carlin was inconvenienced by a recent turn of events, in which he ‘got dead’.

George Carlin was born in New York City in May of 1937. Raised by his mother from the age of 2, his upbringing in the city was occasionally evident in his jokes.  After attending various schools, he had a stint in the US Air Force, in which he was labeled an “unproductive airmen”.  Following his discharge from the Air Force, Carlin got into radio and moved to Hollywood, California.  Shortly there after, he began to appear on variety shows such as The Ed Sullivan Show and The Tonight Show.


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