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No Fights In Glasgow, But They Have The Same Bus

Walk With Me In Hell

Deep down, everyone wants to be a rock star. It’s a lifestyle that is glorified as being full of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. People play Rock Band because they want to be rock stars. People devote their lives to playing in local bands because they want to be rock stars (a decision that leaves many 35 year-olds living in their parent’s basements). But rarely does any fan have a chance to see the real lifestyle from the band’s point of view. Most music DVD’s tend to be 90% live performance, with maybe 15 minutes of backstage footage, consisting mainly of drunken debauchery. However, as anyone music aficionado would tell you, no camera can ever capture the intensity or true nature of a live show. So, rather then capture something that will top out as mediocre, Lamb of God tries to capture the trials and tribulations that come with the touring process. And one thing becomes very clear; the life of a rock star is not nearly as cool as Rolling Stone makes it out to be.



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